Thank you very much for your interest in the FATE Foundation Emerging Entrepreneurs Programme (EEP). Please click on the start button below to complete the application. Thank you.
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Email address (ii)


How did you hear about the EEP?

Are you an Alumnus of the AEP?

If Yes, what AEP Class/Year are you?

Business Information

Name of the Business?

Incorporation Name


Date of Incorporation

Registration Type (e.g. Business Name, Limited by Guarantee, Limited by Liability etc)

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What Industry/Sector is your business e.g. agric, education, real estate, beauty, media

Please list out your products and/or services?

Annual Turnover for the last three years

Number of employees

Reference I: Please provide a non-family reference.  Include the following information: name, phone number, email address

Thank you very much for completing an application form for the FATE Foundation EEP Programme. After clicking on the Submit button, please email the following to
- a copy of your CAC Incorporation document
- a half page bio/profile of yourself
- a personal statement of not more than 300 words indicating why you are interested in the EEP and why you think the progamme will benefit you (as an entrepreneur) and your business?

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